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Nappies on a Mission collects unwanted nappies and donate them to those less fortunate. There is a group of ladies in Bundaberg who replace elastic  and/or snaps and make them usable again. Nappies that don’t need repair are more than welcome as well as inserts, liners covers etc. Much as I hate throwing anything out, if they have gone into holes or have become delaminated, I am afraid that they can’t be repaired.

Send donations to

Nappies on a Mission    Jane Smith   9  Narooma Dr,  Branyan QLD 4670.

If you put a note in that would assist the ladies that would be much appreciated. If you put an email address in, then someone will acknowledge your gift.

Thanks to all those who have donated in the past, we have sent thousands of donations to Est Timor, Fiji and Vanuatu and the mums really appreciate your generosity.

God bless